Just played around on the snow!

Hi, I waited for the snow every day, quite a long time. It seemed I had no hope to see the snow.

Wait and wait and wait. 😦
It came a bit and disappeared. Huh! Tongue out


I checked on the weather forecast almost every day and it said, the snow would come but… no snow … 😦

so wait and wait and wait again…..

It was not only me who felt like this, many Swedes also. I talked with many and they said,  they also waited for it. They missed the snow. It is like their friends who come to visit every year and then the Swedes go out and have a lot of fun on the snow, especially children.

I checked on the weather forecast again and it said, it would snow on 1st of February. Yes, it came but not that much. Although there was not much snow but many Swedes had a lot of fun! Me too! Good! We could feel snow a bit and then it melted away. So fast!

Then on 10th of February, the snow would come in the afternoon. I went to the school in the afternoon and many seemed to be excited and talked about the snow. It seemed to snow for a few days and that meant much snow! But we did not see it on that afternoon. 😦

The teacher said and looked out of the window, “hmmm… now, it is 2 PM but they sky quite clear and … there is no sign that the snow will come.”

Yes, I agree! 😦

In the evening, 10th of February …. finally, it came! Yipppeee!


So in the morning on the 11th of February, I went out with my lovely kids (dolls) and camera and just played around as much as I could! Yeah! Hahahaha… ;D

< I am crazy about the snow, maybe. Hahaha… I love the pure white snow because it is so delicate and wonderful. It changes the boring view of the late Autumn become beautiful. It makes children so happy!

Let’s go out on the snow!

Yui in Lund

PS. My English is limited after I have learned Swedish. 😛 That is my English. Hahahaha…

– To see  photos click here!

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