Love across the Horizon


 Love across the Horizon

(Lyrics by Kawee Sattagovit
Melody by Sa-ngaa Arampy
Performed by Srisalai Suchartwudhi)



Boundless is the horizon;
Yet, love can fly through it as easily as a free bird.
Love files across the oceans; Love marches across the lands.
When love traverses, the vast horizon is at once rendered narrow.
The blue vault of heaven shields
And holds the earth
within its embrace;
So does the embrace of love: If it holds someone within,
Neither nationalities nor languages are as important
As the congenial feelings in
the two loving hearts. 
  Love files across the sky;
Love is a heavenly language
Though we both possess
the hearts of our own–
Treasured separately
in each soul of our own–
With our love manifested,
We need not worry about anything. 
 Though we are at both ends
of the horizon–
Many…many oceans apart–
we are under
the same old sky.
Love’s flown across
the sky to unite us,
Binding our two true hearts as one.

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