Be chEErful.

Strive to be HappY.

nEVer giVe UP.

SticK To tHE figHT.

AND abOve All.

Trust IN GOd.



YoU mUSt giVe sOmE TImE tO yOUr feLLoW mEn.

EvEn iT’s A liTTle tHINg,dO sOMetHINg fOr OthERs

SOMEthing fOr wHIcH yOu Get No PAY

BUT tHe PriviLEGe OF doING iT.




A gOOd FRIend can TELl yOu

What IS ThE mATTer wITH yOU IN a miNute.

HE may nOT sEEm sUcH a gOOd fRIEnd AfTer teLLinG.



TheRE iSN’t MuCH bEttEr In THIs LIfe

THan FinDing A Way tO spenD a FEw HourS

iN cONVERsatIon wiTh peOPLE

yOu reSpeCT aNd lOvE.





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